Roof Replacement in Braselton, GA

Shingle Roofs

Roof Replacements

As roof replacement specialists in Braselton, GA,  our technicians are trained to install all types of roofs. We install everything from standard residential shingle roofs to metal roofing. If your roof is causing you problems due to age and deterioration or storm damage, it is essential to get your roof replaced. Replacing a damaged roof can prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Once water and mold enter your home, very expensive problems begin to occur. In addition, a new roof can make your home more energy-efficient. Give us a call today and at least take advantage of our free roof replacement inspections.

Roof Repair

With your home most likely being your biggest investment, hiring the right roofing repair company is essential. Repairing your home at the beginning stages of roof damages is critical for preventing further damage that could lead inside your home. At HD Roofing and Spray Foam, we have the experience and knowledge from hundreds of homes which allows us to quickly identify roof damage, causes, repairs, and prevention. If your home has roof damage, give us call and let us fix your roof today

Free Roof Inspections

Not sure if your roof needs to be replaced, repaired or whether your roof damage qualifies for a free replacement through your home owner’s insurance? Schedule a free roof replacement inspection today! Our professional roofing technicians know just what to look for when inspecting your roof. Signs of missing shingles, wind damage, hail damage, roof rot and missing granules are a few of the areas we look at to adjust the health of your roof. Because waiting could cost you headache and money in the long term, contact us today!